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Thread Subject:
Mcr folder

Subject: Mcr folder

From: V

Date: 12 Aug, 2008 15:44:02

Message: 1 of 1

Have a simple question: when i run a matlab executable with
a given name say pilot.exe for the first time, the
pilot.ctf extracts a bunch of other folders to a newly
created folder called pilot_mcr? Question is everytime i
create a new pilot.exe (which is an upgrade to the previous
pilot.exe, ok some may ask why i do not keep version
controls but in this case it is not as simple as that),
will the old files in the mcr folder be updated
automatically when the new pilot.exe is run for the first
time or do i have to delete pilot_mcr folder before i run
the new version of pilot.exe in order for the newer version
to run correctly?
Many thanks,
PS: 'pilot' is the name of the executable i created in

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