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Thread Subject:
Matlab calculation accuracy

Subject: Matlab calculation accuracy

From: Xiaoxia Wang

Date: 24 Oct, 2000 21:52:48

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I use Matlab to do reliability calculation. As we know,
the value for parameter coverage is sth like 0.9, 0.99,
0.999, 0.9999...While multiple by failure rate, which is
usually less than 0.0001, the result is less than 0.0001.
But Matlab only display 4 bits, then the result of 0.99999
and 0.9 will be the same. Anyone has any good suggestion
to solve it? Thanx a lot!

Subject: Matlab calculation accuracy

From: Nabeel

Date: 24 Oct, 2000 22:25:14

Message: 2 of 2


MATLAB does arithmetic in double precision, giving you about 16
significant digits. The command window only shows the first few. The
FORMAT command (type 'help format') will let you change this.

For example:

>> pi
ans =
>> format long
>> pi
ans =

>> format long e
>> pi
ans =

>> format bank
>> pi
ans =



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