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Thread Subject:
Subplot function

Subject: Subplot function

From: Omkar Palsule-Desai

Date: 27 Sep, 2008 18:43:02

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I am using the subplot function with (2,2,k) specifications in an .m file. The sizes of each of the subplots is not large enough for me. I see a lot of space being "wasted" around each subplot. Is there a way by which I can increase/decrease sizes of each of the subplots?

Thank you,


Subject: Subplot function

From: Matt Fig

Date: 27 Sep, 2008 19:25:03

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Use the position property of each axes.

get(gca,'pos') % To look at the current position.
set(gca,[x, y, xlength, ylength]) % To set the position.

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