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Thread Subject:
MATLAB and Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) for Linux

Subject: MATLAB and Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) for Linux

From: Michael

Date: 6 Oct, 2008 15:54:02

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I would just like to install the Intel MKL for Linux.

I run the installer then copy the MKL files to the matlab directory (cp /opt/intel/mkl/#ver/lib/32/* /usr/local/matlab#ver/bin/glnx86/) but i can't figure out how to tell MatLab to use the relevant .so file by either changing the BLAS_VERSION variable or editing $MATLAB/bin/glnx86/blas.spec".

When i did either of this 2 methods indicating:
- the library (i have a intel core 2 CPU) i get the following error:
 libmwlapack: load error:
/usr/local/matlabR2007a/bin/glnx86/ undefined symbol:i_free
- the library, this one:
 libmwlapack: load error:/usr/local/matlabR2007a/bin/glnx86/ undefined symbol:__mkl_cfg_file_readed_extern
- the library, this one:
libmwlapack: load error:/usr/local/matlabR2007a/bin/glnx86/ invalid ELF header

My system specifications are:
- Intel Core 2 CPU (E6400 @ 2.13Ghz)
- Ubuntu Linux 8.04 (Hardy) Kernel
- Matlab Student version R2007a (
- Intel MKL

I'd be very happy if you could help me setting up the Intel MKL with Matlab.

Best wishes,


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