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Thread Subject:
Beginer matlab question

Subject: Beginer matlab question

From: Kyle Hall

Date: 25 Oct, 2008 18:11:02

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I am trying to use a logical array mask to square all the values of
this array... a = [1:1:2000}. The logical array mask is defined as... b = a <500. How would i square those values using the mask?

Subject: Beginer matlab question

From: Thomas Clark

Date: 25 Oct, 2008 19:18:01

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Firstly, careful - there is a difference between braces and square brackets - thus there is a syntax error in [1:1:2000}. From the context, I'll assume you meant [1:1:2000]...

a = 1:1:2000;
b = a<500;
c = a(b).^2;

Thirdly, MATLAB, unlike most software, has incredibly comprehensive help pages. They're accessible either through MATLAB or online here. If you're asking questions like this, you just have to sit down and read the tutorials and the 'Getting Started' sections. If you post every minor question here, you won't get a very favourable response!

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