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Thread Subject:
Time Reversal

Subject: Time Reversal

From: Jarrod

Date: 2 Dec, 2008 19:15:05

Message: 1 of 1

I'm wanting to know if there is a simple way to perform a time reversal for a set of filter coefficients. Specifically I have a filter defined as X(z)=F(z) F(z^-1) where F(z^-1) is the time reversed signal of F(z). For example if I have filter coefficients [1 0 0.8] such that F(z) = 1 + 0.8z^2. Solving this by long hand it can be seen that F(z^-1) = 1 + 0.8z^-2 making X(z) = 1.64 + 0.8z^-2 + 0.8z^2. I just don't know how to have Matlab figure this out for me for a case where I had a higher order filter. Thanks.

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