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Thread Subject:
feval in R2008b

Subject: feval in R2008b

From: Joerg Buchholz

Date: 5 Dec, 2008 14:06:03

Message: 1 of 1

I am trying to understand assumption in R2008b.

I assume x to be positive:
>> syms x positive

and define a function:
>> y = x + 42
y =
x + 42

Now, 'y' should be greater than or equal to 42. I can verify this via:

>> feval (symengine, 'getprop', y)

ans =
(42, Inf)

I could even use evalin:

>> evalin (symengine, ['is (', char(y), '>=42)'])

ans =

But then, the use of 'evalin' seems to be pretty clumsy in this case. Therefore I would like to use 'feval':

feval (symengine, 'is', y, '>=42')
??? Error using ==> mupadengine.mupadengine>mupadengine.feval at 156
Error: 'expression' expected [line 1, col 15]

What would be the syntactically correct use of 'feval'?

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