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Thread Subject:
Closing DOS window from matlab

Subject: Closing DOS window from matlab

From: Quentin

Date: 10 Dec, 2008 05:24:02

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Hello all,

I have a quick question and my internet searches haven't quite gotten me a solution yet. Seems like a real common problem.

I am running a .exe file within a for loop in matlab. I need matlab to start and stop this file each loop iteration. I can get matlab to run the code using !program.exe & and then have matlab close the program by sending a command to that programs via dde. The only problem with this is that the & command (which I need to give matlab access to the dde library) opens up a DOS window with each loop iteration. I need to do many loops so I would like a way to automatically close these windows within matlab. Anyone have an .m file or know of any commands I can use?

Thanks a ton!

Subject: Closing DOS window from matlab

From: Jeroen

Date: 6 Mar, 2009 15:53:01

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Hi Quentin,

Just came across a similar issue. I solved it using a trick; made a .bat file which contains the following two lines:


If you call the .bat file from Matlab in the same way you would start a normal executable, the .exe will be run in a dos window, which should now close after the .exe has finished. I have no experience with the dde library, however.


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