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Thread Subject:
modfiying for intel mac core2duo

Subject: modfiying for intel mac core2duo

From: Jveer

Date: 29 Dec, 2008 20:53:01

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hi everyone. ok i'm going crazy with this. its so frustrating that no one seems to be able to provide a staright answer. surely lots of you have solved this problem and are able to compile standalone apps on mac.

here are the questions: i modify section maci 0r maci64 for the latest 2.4 intel core2duo processor?
2. what t modify in the file?? i have xcode 3.0 installed in the default developper directory.

also which library do these so unhelpful 'help' files keep referring to? there are a zillion directories and subdirectories in the developper folder where xcode3.0 goes!!

please someone finally give me a proper solution.

Subject: modfiying for intel mac core2duo

From: Jveer

Date: 12 Jan, 2009 14:34:02

Message: 2 of 3


Subject: modfiying for intel mac core2duo

From: Brian Arnold

Date: 12 Jan, 2009 19:52:28

Message: 3 of 3


- You are running the maci (Intel 32-bit) version of
   MATLAB, so go with the 'maci' section.
- Have you contacted MathWorks support? I would.


Jveer wrote:
> hello...aaaaaanyone?

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