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Thread Subject:
Positioning text in subplots

Subject: Positioning text in subplots

From: John

Date: 8 Jan, 2009 14:36:02

Message: 1 of 1

Hi I have written a scripts to produces subplots of monthly data with each subplot showing a weeks worth of data. However I want to have a text label (no x-label). Below each x axis with the month name. At the moment i am positioning it by putting it a certain distance from the min x axis value (min(t)+40) and a certain distance (lp) below the min y axis value based on a ratio I calculated between the minimum y axis value and the required distance below the min y value.......

h1 = xlabel([num2str(monthname),' ',num2str(year)]);

set(h1,'Position',[min(t)+40 lp]);

However this ratio doesn't work universally for every month and sometime the text is in the plot. Is there any was of position the text in subplots so that it between each plot in the space available without overlap?

Thanks John.

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