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Thread Subject:
Transparency of images inside of uipanel

Subject: Transparency of images inside of uipanel

From: Yoav Rubin

Date: 27 Jan, 2009 11:22:01

Message: 1 of 1

Hi All,

I have in my app a uipanel that holds within it axis that shows an image. I use uipanel since the image is larger then the area available and I need to scroll it (I know, scrollPane is a better solution, but this part of the code can't be changed :-( )
When I take the image and set its AlphaData to be something else then 1, the image then come to be "in front" of the uipanel and basically outside of it, and since that it is a big image, it covers big portion of the screen, instead of just the portion allocated to the uipanel. How can I prevent from this to happen, I need to modify the image's AlphaData property, but still keep the image within the uipanel.



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