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Thread Subject:
how to define summation conditions

Subject: how to define summation conditions

From: akihiro mizutani

Date: 16 Feb, 2009 09:17:01

Message: 1 of 1


I’ve just started to use matlab.
And I’m stacked in the problem on summation condition.

Now I’m writing a code to get the result of following summation


Where An and Bn are arrays respectively and length(An)=length(Bn)=N.
And the summation should be carried out only for those combinations of indices j, k, m, n that satisfy following conditions;

J+k=m+n, j<k, m<n, j<m.

At this, the indices may take any integer value but from 1 to N only.

Does anyone know how to define such conditions and carry out the summation for all combinations which satisfy the conditions?
I would be grateful if someone gave me a tip for solving the problem.


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