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Thread Subject:
Trimming a polygon to a surface

Subject: Trimming a polygon to a surface

From: James

Date: 20 Feb, 2009 11:26:02

Message: 1 of 1

Hello everyone,

Let me first say that I am new to Matlab so if I am overlooking something obvious, I apologise!

I would like to be able to cut a polygon (in the geometric sense of the word) in 3D space with a surface and extract the edge data. For example, I'd like to cut a hexagonal patch with another patch that completely intersects it and use the intersection line with the remaining original polygon lines. Here is a link to visualise what I want to achieve:

I don't actually need the graphical surfaces for my application, just the connectivity between points represented by the last image shown in the .jpg linked above. Ideally if I could input something like a plot3 curve of (in this case) a hexagon by its verticies and achieve the same result that would be grand. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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