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Thread Subject:
help in bounding box analysis

Subject: help in bounding box analysis

From: Regina

Date: 3 Mar, 2009 08:05:05

Message: 1 of 1


i am a new user of matlab.
right now, im currently working on bounding box analysis of input videos containing gait(walking pattern) sequences of a person. i have already computed/ programmed in matlab how to get the aspect ratio of the bounding box of the image blob and have already plotted it in a sine wave. however, i don't seem to get the part of analyzing the given sine wave. i am not sure whether if i should get the peaks (highest value) and the valleys(lowest value) in each period of the sine wave or should i get the average of all values in each of the periods. what i am sure of is that i need to extract each period in the sine wave so that i can analyze the aspect ratio or the change in the bounding box of the image blob. i hope someone can help me code this. thanks!

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