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Thread Subject:
Labeling plot lines like clabel

Subject: Labeling plot lines like clabel

From: Dale

Date: 6 Mar, 2009 17:42:01

Message: 1 of 1

I have a problem where I cannot mesh up a square space and use contour
because there are many infeasible regions of the plot (no solution to
the equations of which I am plotting level curves). Here is an
example of the type of contour plot I am looking to achieve:

The level curve lines in the .pdf above were generated by numerically
integrating the vectors that are tangent to the level curve. Given an
initial condition on the level curve, I can integrate forward and
backwards in the parameter to generate the whole level curve. The
problem is that this approach gives me numpy arrays that have the x,y
pairs for each point on the line. So I plot the level curves using
the plot command, but then I have no good way to label them.

Is it possible to label plot lines analogously to the way they show up
on clabel? I had to do all the line labeling by hand in Illustrator,
after I generated the plot, and it was a pain, and very time


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