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Thread Subject:
Embedded functionfor ODE45

Subject: Embedded functionfor ODE45

From: Faraz Afzal

Date: 8 Mar, 2009 00:07:02

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Hello all,

Is there anyone who could tell me if it is possible to setup two functions within same *.m file..

well I have two Differential equations (made up of All matrices, eq. one riccati and eq. second a special case of riccati)...

Now is that possible that i should call both of them using one ode45 solver in command line such that both evaluated at the same time.....Just to end ur curiosity i need to solve riccati for a variable in certain time 0 to 2 sec.. and solution calculated at every instant must be an input to the special case of riccati (which i want to embedd within first function) and a for loop that goes back again within function and calculates variable at next instant and use it to calculate the special case riccati and so on..

 I was reading BALLODE demo at someones advice but it could not help.. i tried to understand it by reading several times but could not helped to make my solution with its help...
any idea???


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