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Thread Subject:
Animate plot

Subject: Animate plot

From: Ben

Date: 22 Mar, 2009 23:08:01

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Hi, I just want to ask how do you animate a plot in MATLAB, say i want to animate a how a six- bar mechanism moves/rotates. I have plotted a graph of my mechanism with this function, now, i just want to see it move.

x1 = [0 pos_r2x pos_r3x pos_r1x];
y1 = [0 pos_r2y pos_r3y pos_r1y];

x2 = [pos_r1x pos_r4x pos_r6x pos_r1x];
y2 = [pos_r1y pos_r4y pos_r6y pos_r1y];

x3 = [pos_r1x pos_r6x pos_r7x pos_r5x];
y3 = [pos_r1y pos_r6y pos_r7y pos_r5y];

xp = [pos_r6x pos_rpx pos_r7x];
yp = [pos_r6y pos_rpy pos_r7y];

hold on;
hold on;
hold on;
hold off;

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: Animate plot

From: Darren Rowland

Date: 23 Mar, 2009 00:41:02

Message: 2 of 2

The drawnow function might help you do this. Type
doc drawnow
for an example of its usage.

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