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Thread Subject:
simulation of brain surgery robot in simmechanics

Subject: simulation of brain surgery robot in simmechanics

From: dharmasastha ShriShailesh

Date: 23 Mar, 2009 08:56:01

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hello hai,
         i am simulating four parellel manipulator robot in simmechanics, i simulated entire robot. there are two degrees of freedom in my robot, one prisimatic(linear in and out motion) and revolute, for rotation(tilt) i am using universal joints. the tilt occur only bez of the parellel manipulator, for eg.can you imagine two parellel manipulator(links)for one link i am feeding force as an input to the motor eg(1cm)next link i am giving negative force(-1cm)so one link will come up and one will go down but two links are fixed. at the end of link i am using universal joint from joint i connected one more body which i am going to problem is that i can tilt my entire robot to 0.8cm.

             if i give more than 0.8cm as an input i.e.(force to my actuators-stepper motor)it shows this error "Error originates in Mechanical block dharmasastha_FUSBOT_2links/PLANT/Link 2/Universal. A constraint has been violated. Check constraint solver type and tolerances in the Machine Environment block and Simulink solver and tolerances in Configuration Parameters.Check for kinematic singularities[/b]".Even i have changed all the constraint values, but still same error is coming. and i cant open that error dialog box usually we can open the error block in simulink.this s very important for me bez this is my masters(M.S) final year project(disertation.) with this problem i can't move next step of my project.
 please i request you to guide me from this problem.sir/madam please reply for this very important.

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