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Thread Subject:
weight vectors in smart antennas

Subject: weight vectors in smart antennas

From: Nihar Joshi

Date: 4 Apr, 2009 16:39:01

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i am working on a project relating to initialising weight vectors used in smart antennas based on 3 different methods : gram schmidt orthogonalization, Eigen Value Decomposition, Qr decomposition. i am supposed to use covariance matrix in all 3 methods. but i am not able to find data to do so on matlab. if anyone can throw light it will be of great help.

Subject: weight vectors in smart antennas


Date: 28 Apr, 2011 18:09:05

Message: 2 of 2

what is the use of gram schmidth in smart antennas?
infact i dontknow ,why do we use gram schmidth in communication, although i know how it works mathematically??
plz share its significance in wireless communication

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