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Thread Subject:
Problem : affysnpintensitysplit

Subject: Problem : affysnpintensitysplit

From: Alex Zak

Date: 18 Apr, 2009 03:12:42

Message: 1 of 1

 I am trying to load some .CEL (Affymetrix) files into MATLAB.
 First, I use celintensityread function which reads the probe
intensities from the files, it works fine and returns me a structure
with the values.
 Then ,I am trying to call affysnpintensitysplit function in order to
split the probe intensity information for A and B alleles, passing the
structure read by celintensityread function. The last function does
not work properly, I don=92t receive any output from it and at this
stage Matlab is not responding=85 According to Mathworks documentation
this should work.
Has anybody encountered with the same problem??

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