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Thread Subject:
How to delete object

Subject: How to delete object

From: Miroslav Pavelka

Date: 19 Apr, 2009 21:30:28

Message: 1 of 1

I have following problem:
I have some object connected trough events and listeners.
(i.e. object f2 send event and data to f3, object f3 has a listener,
process data and send to object f4 trough event, etc.) The classes are
F2,F3,F4, the objects in the workspace are f2,f3,f4...
The problem is, if I delete the last object, the object still does
appear somewhere in memory so I get following message.

Warning: Error occurred while executing callback:
Invalid or deleted object.
 > In F3>F3.handle_evnt2 at 674
   In F3>@(src,evnt)F3.handle_evnt2(obj,src,evnt) at 76
   In F2>F2.data_load at 84

Row 674 (F3): notify(obj,'indicators_all',event_struct(new_ind));
Row 76: (F3)
Row 84: (F2) notify(obj,'candles_all',event_row(;

I tried deleting object f4 like delete(f4) then clear f4, so the f4
variable appear nowhere, but nothing helped. The variable f4 still does
appear in memory somewhere.
What to do?

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