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Thread Subject:

Subject: igesout

From: David Edson

Date: 4 May, 2009 12:12:02

Message: 1 of 1

Hello Dears,

I have a shape defined as follows which I want to convert it to Iges file. I used Igesout function forwarded by Daniel, but I found some difficulties, how could I solve it?

k1=3; k2=-2; k3=2/30;
rx; ry ; rz;

[theta, beta]=meshgrid((-pi/2):(pi/100):(pi/2),0:(pi/50):2*pi);

%% define purturbation function

g=(ry/10)*(abs(sin(k1.*beta/2))+ 2.^(k2.*theta)- 2.^(k3.*theta)); % the partition of the fruit is twice the costant inside the sine function

%% x,y,z values

y=ry.*sin(theta)+ g; % including the concave shape of a tomato

I tried different options like:
xx=reshape(x,1,[ ]);
yy=reshape(y,1,[ ]);
 zz=reshape(z,1,[ ]);

but it does not work for me. What is wrong with my usage? or do I need exra file?


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