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Thread Subject:
paralllelization process, simulation in real time

Subject: paralllelization process, simulation in real time

From: Jose

Date: 21 May, 2009 15:41:01

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Hello everyone, I have the next problem:

I have to computers:
Master: run the simulation with a specific parameter x1.
Slave: Take a decision and sendback the new varible modified x2 to the Master,
tu follow the simulation with the new variable x2.

I get a raw of data (1 sec) to analize in the slave from the Master through a NI acquisition card,
and I send the new variable x2 from the Slave to the Master with a msocket package.
This devices working very well.

Up to the moment, I run a raw of data (1 sec) in the Master, I send the data to the Slave (NI adquisition card), the new variable with the Slave is generated, and my simulation in the Master is waiting for the new varible (via msocket) to follow running.

My question is, that I would like to run the simulation in real time independiently
of the slave computer process.
I would like to generate a simulation in real time in the master, and not stop it
because I am waiting for the analysis with the slave.

It sounds like paralelization process?

Please, somebody can help me to solve it.



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