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Thread Subject:

Subject: Optimization

From: David Edson

Date: 12 Jun, 2009 16:25:05

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I have a concave geometry defined by a set of points. I want to approximate it with a certain shape function with a certain radii and some coefficients. i defined a leastsquare distance between the geometry and shape function. I tried to use fminsearch, but I gave me completely useless output. Is there another function to optimize functions.



Subject: Optimization

From: Marcus M. Edvall

Date: 13 Jun, 2009 00:11:35

Message: 2 of 2

Hi David,

Yes, there are some 15+ for this type of problem in TOMLAB. Can you
send me the code to medvall AT-SIGN then tomopt dot com?

Best wishes, Marcus
Tomlab Optimization Inc.

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