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Thread Subject:

Subject: hdf5write

From: meng long

Date: 20 Jun, 2009 15:55:02

Message: 1 of 1

 sDset.Location = '/Qut/Day/Sh/Idx';
  sDset.Name = '123456';

The 'hdf5write', as above, overwrite 'fTest.H5', not the dataset '123456' as expected.
How to overwrite a dataset?

I hope that Matlab surports 'HDF5' deeply and quickly, surports 'H5TB' etc., since 'Matlab Hight Level Functions for HDF5' are not enought in Industry-Application, and 'Malab Low Level Functions for HDF5' are too slow to deal with compound type in Industry-Application of a large of tables.

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