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Thread Subject:
Accessing workspace variables from GUI

Subject: Accessing workspace variables from GUI

From: Yvette

Date: 6 Jul, 2009 17:49:02

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This is my situation:

I have written this program in matlab which does a lot of multiplying and adding of large matrices. These matrices are multiplied with matrices which I've saved in the workspace. The eventual outcome is an image which i used surfc to implement. I used to run it in matlab but I would like for it to be more user friendly, hence I am implementing a GUI for it. I'm not very familliar with GUI and so I'm in a sticky situation. I have a pushbutton and i have put this program into the callback function (can I do that??). It works fine when run in matlab command window since it can access the worskpace matrices but I do not know how to program it to also read the workspace variables from and into the GUI. I'm speaking about 200 100x100 matrices. I do hope someone can help me. Thanking you in advance


Subject: Accessing workspace variables from GUI

From: Zhelyazko

Date: 6 Jul, 2009 20:02:01

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v = evalin('base', 'var');
>>doc evalin
for more info

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