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Thread Subject:
control time to stop a program

Subject: control time to stop a program

From: Jose

Date: 9 Jul, 2009 16:04:02

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Hello Everyone,

I have a National instrument DAQ and I get a raw of data (x vector with 25000 elements) every one second from a master computer to analize it in another computer (slave).
My problem is:
when I get the vector x=[0 0 ....0] in 1 sec, i.e (the 25000 components are 0) in 1 sec, my program is stopped.
But, I am interested to wait up to 5 secs, not only 1 sec to make this decision.
i.e, the idea is take the decision to stop the program when I get 5 consecutives vector x = [0 0 ...0] , not only 1.

There some function to control it?

Thanks in advance,


Subject: control time to stop a program

From: Sherryl Radbil

Date: 13 Jul, 2009 12:43:04

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See the identical post
for the answer.

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