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Thread Subject:
system command and user input

Subject: system command and user input

From: Misha Koshelev

Date: 27 Jul, 2009 15:46:02

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Hi, I had a quick question and was wondering if anyone can help. I was debugging what I thought was a bug in my program - turns out it is a "feature" of the system or unix commands. Specifically if one does something like:

 [a,b] = system('find / -name a');

The resulting output b will include any keypresses that the user makes
while the command is executing.

I would like to somehow isolate my output from this - i.e. I would like to execute the command without having any user input creep into the output. Any way to do this?

system('find / -name a < /dev/null');

does not seem to work. Thank you

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