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Thread Subject:
contact model for impact

Subject: contact model for impact

From: Stefan Dietrich

Date: 13 Sep, 2009 12:51:01

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Hi there,
I'm currently working on the solution of a differential equation for a contact/impact problem. The indentation a is governed by the single, nonlinear, ordinary differential equation

d(da/dt)/dt + C1*a^1/2*da/dt + a^3/2=0

therefore I used the Simulink signal box to make a model with to integrators an the redirection of the indentation a through a mathematical power function block.

The initial conditions are:
a(0)=0 and da/dt(0)=1

so I tried to give these initial conditions in the integrator blocks but I
end up with a constant zero signal. Does anyone know what I#m doing wrong with the initial conditions?

Cheers Stefan

Subject: contact model for impact

From: Jveer

Date: 13 Sep, 2009 13:36:03

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solution for contact/impact problems:

Subject: contact model for impact


Date: 8 Oct, 2009 16:24:02

Message: 3 of 3

"Jveer " <> wrote in message <h8isg3$7bb$>...
> solution for contact/impact problems:

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