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Thread Subject:

Subject: projection

From: jenya polyakova

Date: 15 Sep, 2009 06:31:06

Message: 1 of 1

Hi everybody,
assume I have the following data (it is similar to mine but I have bigger arrays. Mine are of size 9944x1:

subdat = [0.0; 0.1; 0.2; 0.2; NaN];
sublon = [-69.2; -68.75; -73.00; -57.82; -56.17];
subela = [19; 59; 11; 40; 120];
sublat = [77.47; 76.53; 76.63; 74.033;72.78];

now I need to plot the map where x and y will be respective sublon and sublat and the map itself would show subdat in large circles. I will then need to plot subela data as the contour lines. Finally, I need the coast lines for the specified region. So far I have the following lines of code:

m_proj('equidistant','lon',[sublon(1) sublon(end)],'lat',[sublat(1) sublat(end)]);
[x,y]=m_ll2xy(sublon,sublat,'clip','off' );
m_coast('patch',[.7 .7 .7]);

And it does not work:(. I am not sure how to plot subdat either. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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