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Thread Subject:
Analytic Solution for Interpolation by Ellipse

Subject: Analytic Solution for Interpolation by Ellipse

From: Johannes Korsawe

Date: 24 Sep, 2009 11:40:21

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Hi community,

i wonder if there are some experienced mathematicians here, who could help me with the following problem:

Consider two points p1 and p2 in 2d space. Consider two (normalized) vectors v1 and v2 in 2d space.

How do i find the equation of an ellipse which goes through p1 and p2 with v1 and v2 as tangential vectors at these points?

Is there always a solution? Is the solution unique? How is the dam....... equation? I spent half a day drawing and calculating but did not find an easy way to an analytical solution.

Best regards,

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