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Thread Subject:
dengrogram, plot

Subject: dengrogram, plot

From: muzaffar

Date: 25 Sep, 2009 09:15:04

Message: 1 of 1

Dear All,

for example in the following
two questions are the following:
I understand the plot as there are three main groups. Any body can help me in understanding this dengrogram plot a bit more?
i am trying to plot 100 points with dendrogram(X,0) for example.
 In my data set i found two main groups.
Because there are 100 data points it is hard to see all points clearly.
I want to plot 100 data points in two different groups other than dendrogram.
therefore objective is to show 100 or more points plotted in two separation,
is there any method to use output from dendrogram and plot values in different form other than tree structure to make points more clearly visible in different parts/locations.
i would like to thank for reply.

kind regards.

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