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Thread Subject:
Real Time Camera Face Detection

Subject: Real Time Camera Face Detection

From: divineforge

Date: 2 Nov, 2009 12:47:01

Message: 1 of 1

I'm studying the possibility of developing real time camera face detection with matlab..
I have checked with the Simulink, found some models, but those are using Video as an input, read frames, process, and then draw bounding boxes, build back into a continuous video then output..

if Simulink is possible to do so, maybe code in Matlab also possible?
but a different scenario here is real time, camera input, and process the acquired frames , and drawing bounding box on it, and then output..

I'm having the idea of using:
vid = videoinput('winvideo')
... % some codes to set the frames captured to inf, and 3fps (lower)

Possible to get frame while it is "starting" to acquire?
something like = getdata(vid)... etc.

and then I'm not very sure how to build back the output in real time.. ie with a bounding box, locking on the detection face, presented on an axes maybe that synchronize with the camera view to the user.. looking for some suggestions, thanks...

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