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Thread Subject:
mimochan help..

Subject: mimochan help..

From: mahmud_dbm

Date: 18 Nov, 2009 17:20:22

Message: 1 of 1

Dear Sir..

need so more help related to the same field.

i am basically working on mimo system.. initially i started with the matrix format, and it was working just fine, now i'm trying to use the built function of the matlab,

ie mimochan and equalize ... a part of the program is like this ...

after data generation as "tbit"

%--------------- Alamouti STBC ---------------------------------
        acode = zeros(2,N*nSym);
        acode(:,1:2:end) = (1/sqrt(2))*reshape(tbit,2,N*nSym/2); % [x1 x2 ...]
        acode(:,2:2:end) = (1/sqrt(2))*(kron(ones(1,N*nSym/2),[-1;1]).*flipud(reshape(conj(tbit),2,N*nSym/2))); % [-x2* x1* ....]

i go for mimo channel...

 chan = mimochan(nt, nr, 1/bitrate, fd(n));
% chan.StoreHistory=1;
now my question is, when i was matrix for u used the same channel at the receiver to estimate the channel, as an equalizer. (for nt=2,nr=2)

here in this case how do i equalize the channel..
i tried to equalize using "mlseeq" with chanCoeff i get from channel properties. but i got horrible response. actually i am missing some basc part here...

would you please clear it for me.. that how do reconstruct the original signal now. ?

thanks again...


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