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Thread Subject:
Setting up Matlab and CVS on OSX

Subject: Setting up Matlab and CVS on OSX

From: Adrian

Date: 2 Dec, 2009 16:40:18

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How do I set up Matlab to use CVS on OSX?

I am a long time user of Matlab and revision control software. I've been trying for some time to set up Matlab (R2007a on an OSX system) to use CVS. I have a CVSROOT defined in my shell environment (bash) and can check in and check out files from the terminal.

But whenever I try to check in something from within Matlab (using the menus for example), I get the following error

No CVSROOT specified.

I do have a CVSROOT specified (as confirmed by doing an echo $CVSROOT in a terminal and by the fact that I have a large number of projects (Fortran, C etc) already stored and regularly accessed in that repository). So it appears that Matlab is not picking up my environment variables from my bash configuration.

Can anyone point me to how to set up Matlab's version control capabilities on a Mac running OSX and using CVS?



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