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Thread Subject:
Set the value in Simulink from GUI

Subject: Set the value in Simulink from GUI

From: Kwok

Date: 14 Jan, 2010 06:21:05

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I'm a beginner in using the GUI and also simulink. I have a problem about the program in GUI. I'd like to set the value in simulink from the GUI where the value can be set through the slider in GUI.
I have use the "set_param" to set the parameter of gain in simulink. However, it shows the error that" Subsystem block does not have a parameter named 'Gain' although the name that I used is Gain.
I have refer to the example in the Matlab help which used to set the gain of the control system

I'd appreciate the help on this

Subject: Set the value in Simulink from GUI

From: Phil Goddard

Date: 14 Jan, 2010 23:19:04

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set_param requires you to specify 3 things:

1. The full path to the block:
i.e. if you have a model called MyModel, which contains a subsystem called mySubsystem, which contains a block called MyBlock, then the first input to set_param needs to be 'MyModel/MySubsystem/MyBlock'.

2. The particular property of that block that you want to change:
i.e. A gain block has a property called 'Gain'.
Search the doc for "Block-Specific Parameters" for a list of the properties for each block.

3. The new value for the property, typically set as a string:
i.e. a new gain value of '10'.

So you'd use the command
>> set_param('MyModel/MySubsystem/MyBlock','Gain','10');

From the error message you give it appears that you are trying to set the property of a subystem called 'Gain', but subsystems don't have a property called 'Gain' and hence the error.


Subject: Set the value in Simulink from GUI

From: Kristijan

Date: 13 Mar, 2013 15:11:07

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I’ve a Simulink model named ‘example.mdl’ with parallel RLC branch. Branch Type is R, variable of resistance is ‘res’. How can I set value of resistance in GUIDE with set_param?

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