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Thread Subject:
Problem reading non-ASCII text file

Subject: Problem reading non-ASCII text file

From: Yair Altman

Date: 10 Feb, 2010 01:01:07

Message: 1 of 1


I have a text file with some non-ASCII encoding (some unknown UTF variant). When I try to open the file with some of the non-standard encodings (e.g., 'cp862' or 'ISO_8859-8') I get a warning that the encoding is not supported, although it's in the official list of IANA character sets referenced in fopen's doc page.

=> Warning: The encoding 'ISO-8859-8' is not supported.
line = textscan(fid,'%s',1, 'delimiter','\n');
str = line{1}{1};
=> '73 ' + gibberish
=> [55 51 9 1523 156 1523 8221 1523 8216 32]

When reading the same data from Excel, it loads correctly as: [55 51 9 1500 1492 1489] and displays the three special characters (1500,1492,489) correctly in the font that I use.

Any idea how to fix this encoding issue for text files?


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