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Thread Subject:
radius of curvature for wind tunnel

Subject: radius of curvature for wind tunnel

From: will wou

Date: 25 Feb, 2010 00:25:22

Message: 1 of 1

Hi im designing a wind tunnel and i have this curve for a part called the contraction.

Ive got this function F(x)=-1.7068x^3+1.96947x^4-0.60599x^5+0.45

im using the limits of x>=0 and x<=1.3
                            y>=0 and y<=0.5

im trying to find the radius of curvature at two points of the curve to be able to enter the curve into a CAD program and then to be manufactured, but im confused how to do that. The first curve is convex leading to a straight line then to a concave curve. Is there a way of finding the coordinates of the center of curvature for this curve and radius of it?
Thanks for any help!

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