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Thread Subject:
Two Matlab sessions, different versions

Subject: Two Matlab sessions, different versions

From: Øyvind



Date: 25 Feb, 2010 10:13:05

Message: 1 of 1

I find myself having to run two different matlab-sessions that should communicate with eachother. After looking around for a bit, it seems that I should be using actxserver and program ID 'Matlab.Application'.

Problem is, I need to run one 2009b version and one 2008b version. So how do I accomplish this? Starting up a session using actxserver('Matlab.Application') works fine, but how do I specify which Matlab version I want to run? Both sessions are to run on the same computer, and both versions of Matlab are installed.

This solution:
says that Matlab must be registered as COM server, so maybe there's clue there, registering only the version I want. But how?

BTW. I'm on windows xp, if that makes any difference.

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