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Thread Subject:
L moment for Gruped/Classed data

Subject: L moment for Gruped/Classed data

From: edward kabanyas

Date: 4 Mar, 2010 17:37:05

Message: 1 of 1

Hi all..

I am studying the possibility to use the L moment to estimate the parameters of gamma distribution. Almost in all papers, it is explained that the parameters of exponential, gamma and lognormal distribution can be calculated by combining two L
moments (for example, L1 and L2). L1 and L2 are in function of the
unbiased estimator of betha.

Question: Betha is function of random variable x. It seems the equation of
betha which is first developed by Landwert et al., (1979) is only for
continuous data (without binning or ungroupped data). Therefore, my question,
how to modified betha for binned or grouped data? For example, x1 = 1,
N(x1) = 10 and x2 = 2, N(x2) = 5, etc..

Thanks for your nice help.


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