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Thread Subject:

Subject: helpDicom

From: grand

Date: 18 Mar, 2010 23:20:21

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Hi all,
How to read all Dicom images (using example uigetdir) from one folder and show this...

Subject: helpDicom

From: Sadik

Date: 18 Mar, 2010 23:32:04

Message: 2 of 4


An example:

[filename, chosenDirectory] = uigetfile('*.dicom', 'Pick an M-file');

allDicomFiles = dir([chosenDirectory '*.dcm']);

for k = 1:length(allDicomFiles)
    stackOfImages(:,:,k) = dicomread([chosenDirectory '\' allDicomFiles(k).name]);

so that stackOfImages will be, for example, 256x256x(#images), if your images are 256x256.

Then, you can go through the slices one by one by pressing any key on the keyboard:

for k = 1:size(stackOfImages,3)
    title(['Image ' num2str(k)]);

Hope this helps.


Subject: helpDicom

From: Sadik

Date: 18 Mar, 2010 23:37:02

Message: 3 of 4

I am really sorry. The first line should have been:

[filename, chosenDirectory] = uigetfile('*.dcm', 'Pick an M-file');

Subject: helpDicom

From: grand

Date: 19 Mar, 2010 12:23:03

Message: 4 of 4

Sadik, Thanks a lot for help

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