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Thread Subject:
Export figure to .eps using exportfig()

Subject: Export figure to .eps using exportfig()

From: evan um

Date: 20 Mar, 2010 00:20:06

Message: 1 of 1

Hi All,

I am tryng to export a figure to .eps using function exportfig(). My problem is to adjust the resolution of my eps file. For example, I tried the two exportfig commands below.

exportfig(gcf,'figure1.eps', 'width',3.33, 'fontmode','fixed', 'fontsize',8,'color','cmyk','resolution',1200);
exportfig(gcf,'figure2.eps', 'width',3.33, 'fontmode','fixed', 'fontsize',8,'color','cmyk','resolution',300);

File figure1.eps should have 1200 dpi while file figure2.eps 300 dpi. However, when I see the size of the eps files, there is no difference in the size between the two files.

Did I use function exportfig.m correctly?
How can I check if my eps file has a specified resolution?
In advance, thank you very much for your help.


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