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Thread Subject:
A question of Gaussian Smooth

Subject: A question of Gaussian Smooth

From: dai zhengguo

Date: 4 Apr, 2010 07:26:02

Message: 1 of 1

My problem is why I can not get the same result since it is well known that the Gaussian filter is separable.
The following is to convolve along rows and then columns.
  width = 4 ; ssq = 1 ;
  t = (-width:width);
  gau = exp(-(t.*t)/(2*ssq))/(2*pi*ssq); % the gaussian 1D filter
  aSmooth=imfilter(a,gau,'conv','replicate'); % run the filter across rows
  aSmooth1=imfilter(aSmooth,gau','conv','replicate'); % and then across columns

And we construct a 2D gaussian Filter:
G2D = fspecial('gaussian',9,1) ;
aSmooth2= imfilter(a,Gaussianfilter,'conv','replicate');

But the result of aSmooth2 is not the same as aSmooth1, can anybody tell me why ?
Thanks a lot.

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