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Thread Subject:

Subject: ode45

From: Azrul

Date: 12 Apr, 2010 12:11:04

Message: 1 of 1

hi ..
im new with matlab and having difficulties on plotting the graph.. supposed if i have :
Time = [0 10];

[time_hist1, state_hist1] = ode45(@dydt2DOF,Time,Y0);

% Plotting the vehicle body displacement
plot(time_hist1, state_hist1(:,1),'-.');
ylabel('x1 [m]'); xlabel('Time[s]');

% Plotting the body acceleration
acceleration005 = (c005*(state_hist1(:,4)-state_hist1(:,2))+k*

plot(time_hist1, acceleration005,'--');
ylabel('a1 [m/s^2]'); xlabel('Time[s]');

% Plotting the suspension travel
plot(time_hist1, (state_hist1(:,1)-state_hist1(:,3)),'--');hold on;
ylabel('x1-x2 [m]'); xlabel('Time[s]');

%Plotting the dynamic tyre force
plot(time_hist1, kt*(state_hist1(:,3)-road),'--');hold on;
ylabel('Dynamic tyre force [N]'); xlabel('Time[s]');
my question is how do i specify that for the 2nd,3rd and 4th graph, i only want matlab to show me the graph for T=[0 1] instead of the whole T=[0 10] . I have tried to put T=[0 1] before the 'subplot(2,2,2);' line but clearly its not the way to do it.

also, does anyone know how to type damping ratio (sigma) symbol in matlab ?

thank you :)

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