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Thread Subject:
Gui - save output variables in loop?

Subject: Gui - save output variables in loop?

From: James Ramm

Date: 6 Jun, 2010 19:50:20

Message: 1 of 1

Hi, I have a GUI problem, hope you can help...

My GUI loads some data, you then select a variable and press a button called 'variogram'
This takes you to an interactive window where parameters are entered into edit boxes and used to calculate variograms. The GUI then saves the result of the variogram calculation, i.e.:

guidata(handle, struc.variogram_parameters)

My problem is that typically a datafile has more than 1 variable which needs a variogram, therefore I need to press the variogram button again and again (i.e run the callback over and over), each time saving the output to a new variable, not overwriting the last one, such that:
guidata(handle, struc.variogram_parameters(i) )

How should I do this? I thought about putting the whole callback function in a loop, but of course, it needs to wait to move on to the next variogram until the user has selected the next data and pressed the variogram button again...

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