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Thread Subject:
DAQ parallel processing

Subject: DAQ parallel processing

From: Brian

Date: 17 Jun, 2010 17:34:21

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I have a NI-daq device that I'm using to input an analog and two digital signals. In order to keep up with the incoming datastream and ensure that no data is lost, I've been attempting to use the parallel computing toolbox to process the analog signal on one worker, the digital signals on another, and combine the two into some usable XY data on a third. Since the workers cannot plot and I would like a real-time update of the data as it is coming in (process can run for several hours), I've been trying to use batch() to allow me to plot while the data is coming in off the workers, but I'm having trouble communicating between the client, the batch, and the 3 worker sessions. Is there a way to use pointers to keep track of all the data? or can someone suggest an alternative structure so that I can plot on the client while streaming data from the workers?

The machine that gives me my input signals can run for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours with an unknown number of samples, so ideally I want to be recording and plotting data as long as the machine is in a running state.

Subject: DAQ parallel processing

From: Sherryl Radbil

Date: 21 Jun, 2010 18:36:20

Message: 2 of 2

Hi Brian,
If the NI device that you're using is supported, Data Acquisition Toolbox may be the solution you're looking for.

View the list of supported hardware at

Start here to learn about Data Acquisition Toolbox

Then see the doc and demos at

Best regards,

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