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Thread Subject:
timer object indicator

Subject: timer object indicator

From: Jose

Date: 7 Jul, 2010 12:59:04

Message: 1 of 1

Hello to everyone,

I need to contruct a timer object with a time delay or an indicator:

Main program (slave computer)

   svrsock = mslisten(3000); % listening to the Master through a socket

s=makesdata; The data s hava a particular structure.

tpanel = timer('TimerFcn',@timerFun,'executionmode','fixedrate');

function timerFun(obj,~)

[s,suc]=receivestructure(sock) %receive the structure of data s from the Master.
% if suc=0...the transmission is succefull (I get s from the Master).
 % if suc=-1.the transmission is failured (s=[], not data)

sends= process (s) 1 % The variable s is analized in the function process and the result (new conditions) is sent to the Master via socket, to get a new variable s from the Master.



1. Main function...a) receive s structure form the Master: succefully data suc=0, not data suc=-1.
                         b) if suc=0, send the s structure to a function process.

2. Function process...a) analize de structre s, and send the new conditions to the Master.

3. The new s from the Master is sent to the slave ( main function) with suc=0.

The problem is, when I costruct a timer object in the main function, it is running
independiently if the variable s has been sent to the Master via socket from the function process.

How can I insert a delay parameter, or indicator in my timer object to detect that the variable s has been sent to the Master through the socket in the function process, before get a new data succefully, i.e suc=0, if not, I will get in every iteration s=[], not data, with suc=-1, and my connection is lost.

Any help,

Thanks in advance,


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