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Thread Subject:
catching a GUIDE GUI when it becomes visible

Subject: catching a GUIDE GUI when it becomes visible

From: Eyal Fleminger

Date: 13 Jul, 2010 08:50:07

Message: 1 of 1

I have a GUI created using GUIDE, and I need it to perform a certain operation after the GUI becomes visible but before control is handed over to the user. It seems that the figure becomes visible after the OpeningFcn runs, at which point the GUI's main function runs a last time. So it would seem I need to place my code at the end of the main function.

However, the main function runs multiple times during the GUI's initialization, so I need to catch the last iteration. I thought of testing if the figure is visible, but it seems I can't see neither the handle of the figure nor the handles structure. I can find the figure using findall, but I need some way of identifying the correct figure.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to accomplish this?

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