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Thread Subject:
Creating a map. How-to

Subject: Creating a map. How-to

From: Alex

Date: 26 Jul, 2010 07:24:08

Message: 1 of 1

I would try to explain what I would like to implement so to suggest me what to
try out.

I would like to create an area of X*X km that would be used to "Simulate" an
area map (eg. city's area, suburban area).

-X would be a parameter so I do not want it to be fixed
-In this map I would like to place users (people), thus I do not know in advance
if in one place there would be one,two, or more users..
-I would also like to not have fixed resolution in my map and specify it as a
parameter during run-time. In my X*X area I would like sometimes to have
resolution of 1Km and others resolution of 10 meters. As resolution increases (1
km->100m->10m) less users would be found in the same "place".
-In every "place" I would like to specify some parameters (eg. number of users,
characteristics of users, energy consumption per user). I do not know in advance
how much data I would need per user. Ofc 10 parameters per place might be ok but
a not fixed approach is better.

My first thoughts were to use an array and actually define an array of X*X
dimension where X is defined at run time as parameter. The problem with this
approach is that I do not have variable resolution in this area as I have the
constant number of X*X places only. Also one more problem is that the cels of
the array (where cell is used to simulate "place") can not be used to story many
parameters but only a single numerical value).

What do you suggest me to try looking at and what made up your decision?

I would like to thank everyone that reached to this point reading all my big

Best Regards

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