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Thread Subject:
how to do this

Subject: how to do this

From: prabhu

Date: 7 Aug, 2010 10:23:05

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i want all the b(i,j) values in 'm'
for i=1:4
     for j=1:4

Subject: how to do this

From: ImageAnalyst

Date: 7 Aug, 2010 12:54:17

Message: 2 of 3

I'm not exactly sure what you're doing with your code, but in general
to find "all the b(i,j) values in 'm' " you'd do something like this

% Create sample data.
b = [100.1, 200.2, 300.3; 402.1, 89.9 42.05]
m = [100, 200.2, 300.2,; 400, 89, 42]
% Extract out "matches"
yourTolerance = 0.15;
b_in_m = b(abs(m-b) < yourTolerance)

You use a tolerance because you're comparing floating point numbers.
In your case, you might use something small like eps or some multiple
of it.

You can also take a look at intersect() or ismember() but keep in mind
this (from the FAQ):

b =

  100.1000 200.2000 300.3000
  402.1000 89.9000 42.0500

m =

  100.0000 200.2000 300.2000
  400.0000 89.0000 42.0000

b_in_m =


Subject: how to do this

From: Roger Stafford

Date: 7 Aug, 2010 17:52:04

Message: 3 of 3

"prabhu " <> wrote in message <i3jc68$kin$>...
> i want all the b(i,j) values in 'm'
> for i=1:4
> for j=1:4
> if(b(i,j)>e(i))
> m=sqrt(((d(i)-db)^2)-((db-d0)^2));
> if(((d(i)-d0)*(m))>e(i))
> m=b(i,j)
> end
> end
> end
> end
- - - - - - -
  Can you please explain in detail what you mean by "all the b(i,j) values in 'm'". Your code doesn't make much sense - you are continually computing m and then writing over it. Can you please explain the significance of e(i), d(i), db, and d0? What is it you are actually trying to do?

Roger Stafford

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